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Basically, there are too many ways to get more real Instagram followers. But first, the question is why do you need to get more Instagram followers. If you are doing marketing on Instagram. Then you have to get more followers for your brand awareness.

When Instagram start Instagram quickly outgrew its first impression as a fun app for kids but now it has become a serious content marketing, Selling, networking, and audience build tool for individuals and brands. Now Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms with over 3.2 billion active users. If you want to do social media marketing then try Instagram for your brand awareness.

In this article, I am going to tell you some amazing ways to get real Instagram followers. So if you want to Increase Instagram followers then try these Instagram hack.

1. Complete Profile, Cross Promoting, and Hashtagging:


First of all you, If you want to increase your Instagram followers then you have to keep updating your profile. And you have to complete your profile with the right information that describes your business. Because Instagram is naturally a great place for brand awareness.

Thus, You have to keep promoting your Profile in several ways. Like, promote your Instagram profile to your Facebook profile, Twitter profile, and Linkedin profile. That will help you to more get Instagram followers. Promote your Instagram profile online and offline like on other social profiles, websites, and in your email blasts.

However, Growing an engaged and loyal audience on the app is not an easy task. Now we are talking about Instagram caption ideas, You need to look beyond the one-word, Obvious Hashtags.

Hashtags are one of the best ways to get new followers. If you will use the right hashtag then your image’s reach can e extend? That means is more people can engage with your content.

But now the question is which hashtag should we use? There are some main strategies you should try.


First of all, High Popular Hashtag gets searched for more often. You know that tons of people are searching for high popular hashtags. This is the good part about it that tons of people search for it. But the bad part about it is so many people are using them then it will be difficult for your photo to get noticed.

The second one is Commonly Used Hashtag to get more followers and likes. These hashtags will be great to connect with a much wide audience.

The third strategy is using the Relevant and Specific Hashtags that will be more likely to get to your targeted followers. These hashtags are the ones most commonly used and will be the ones your target market is most likely to search for.

All of these strategies will work well. But if you use them together then this is the best way to get well reach and get more new followers.

2. Promoting by Another Instagram User:


First, find out some Instagram user who has to build a well following in your industry. And try to convince them that how you cross-promote each other. If you want this to work effectively, then find out a user who has a similar audience.

You can cross-promote each other with tag each other and sharing each other posts. Buy always remember that your goal with this strategy is to build your audience. Make sure that you will provide the audience with your best content to attacked as many target followers a possible.

3. Optimal Number of Hashtags and Popular Conversation:


If you are using hashtags with an optimal number so that’s good for your post. But if not then you have to use hashtags with an optimal number. Like, use 6 to 8 hashtags per post. This will give you great leads of reaches and followers.

When you going to post something on Instagram then post something which is trends or massively popular conversation. By using this strategy you can gain more India Instagram followers and more Instagram engagement. So, Every time when you see something trending or popular conversation then try to post about it.

4. Post Once or Twice a Day and Your Bio URL:


To gain more Instagram followers you have to post once or twice a day. It will increase reaches and likes & shares. I want you to remember that this based on averages.

There are some accounts that will do best when they post 10+ a day. While others will get the best results posting 2 or 3 posts a month. But you have to start by posting once or twice a day. Track how much engagement you get for each post. Also, track your follower’s growth and try a different post.

It really matters that which URL is in your bio. I am sure that you will not want your website homepage in your bio for always. So, if not then change it every week with your most popular content. And also change it with the newest and clickable link in your bio.

5. Like Others Post and Thoughtful Comments:


The best way for how to get more followers on Instagram is to like other people’s posts. The strategy is to like other people’s posts who are on your target list. Not to like random people’s posts. This will give you real followers for Instagram.

Liking other people’s posts is good but leaving a thoughtful comment is great. If you interact will other people’s posts. Then they will really want to interact with you and to know more about you.

Don’t leave comments asking them to follow you or like your post. You have to leave a comment by saying that what you like in their post. This will make your comment unique and stand out from all other commenters. And this will really help you to gain Instagram followers.

6. Tag People In Post and Buy Followers:


Tagging is much important to get more followers and reach. Tagging should be done carefully and strategically. You have to spam people, you have to make a connection with the competitor audience. When you have done the right tagging and users then that will help you to make new connections and gain Instagram followers.

If you don’t want to do hard work with your social media want to get more Instagram followers. Then there is easy for you that will give a large number of followers. The easy way is to buy Instagram followers.

You can buy real Instagram followers for your brand awareness. That’s the easiest way to increase Instagram followers. Not only Instagram followers you can also buy Instagram likes and Instagram video views.


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