Instagram Growth Hacks

How Can I Get More Instagram Likes: There are over 700 million active Instagram users in the world, which is a lot of people posting selfies, holidays, or brekkie snaps of avocado on toast.

There’s a certain rush people get when they post a picture and watch the notifications roll in as users Like it in real-time – perhaps even from some new people that might follow you or your business and get more Instagram likes. Likes (and followers) are fundamentally one of the biggest reasons why we’re so obsessed with Instagram, to get an appreciation for our pictures and maybe become Instagram famous along the way. So how can you ensure that you maximize your time and get the most value out of every image that you post?

Here’s our site will guide you with tips and tricks to help you to get more Instagram likes

Take & Post High-Quality Photos

As insta account users need to put some effort into the photos and videos that you are posting on Instagram. ensure the lighting is good and everything is in focus while clicking. Don’t forget you don’t have to take photos with mobile devices, you can take professional photos then upload them via the Instagram app at a later date.

Tell a Story With Your Caption on your Instagram to get more Instagram likes 

Captions are a very important part of your Instagram post. Unlike Instagram does not have a character limit, but there is a limit before users will have to start scrolling.

Telling a story on insta with your caption lets your followers get to know you a bit more. The amazing combination is having an amazing photo and a killing caption to go with it. 

Use a Filter to make your post attractive to get more Instagram likes 

Be consistent in your filtering scheme is one of the huge keys to building your Instagram identity. It’s kind of having a theme, so pick one or two filters and stick to them.

Regularity will make your photos recognizable on your insta followers feed which increases recognition and that leads to more likes.

Be You (genuine) and make your real to get more Instagram likes 

Insta can sometimes feel like all is staged or fake, it can be fantastic to be humble and just be yourself. Remove all the filters and let your loving or users see the real you.

Mind Colours Can Impact to get more Instagram likes 

An analysis from over (thirty M+) Instagram photos got that using blue as a dominant color in your photos increased the number of likes by twenty-four percent.

Be Unique it really works to attract your insta users 

It’s one of easy follow a sum on Instagram, however many accounts are often rewarded for being unique and having their own interesting twist on things. Try to post content you think will be intriguing for users.

Stand For Something shows your activeness on insta it helps to get more likes

Be opinionated and stand for what you believe in. This can be a great way to resonate with followers that have the same views. do remember it can also attract negative attention, so be considerate.

Appeal to a World Audience on your post and raise your 

Sometimes our insta accounts are quite specific to the point that they only get attention from a specific segment of users (for example victory photos).

Sometimes it may help to go more mainstream with certain posts to appeal to a world audience (and increase your insta likes/engagement or followers).

Feature User and Customer Images & get more Instagram likes 

The Fifth Watches does a really good job of this. They run an ongoing competition to grab user-generated content from their 5th Fam members.

then they use again this content which shows their product being used by real users in beautiful settings.


Tag Yourself At Locations is another way to get engagement on Instagram

The add a location option that allows you to tag your post with a specific location. Users can then filter by location to see all the posts by users.

Similar to #hashtags this can be a fantastic way to collate photos from your customers if you run a physical location like a cafe, gym, or hotel.

Show your Progress by insta Shots

Take your users along on your amazing journey it might be art or even fitness related but regular updates that show your progress are a good way to give your users a peek into how you operate.

That gives a more emotional connection with followers and will increase the percentage of users liking your posts on insta.

Take Photos With Your Point Products

Find the ways you can protect your brand image across Instagram, is there a logo or something else you can take photos of and feature in posts?

Go Live through On Instagram

It’s also a great way to engage with your followers and let them ask you questions that you can reply to directly. The possibilities are fairly endless and the kind of broadcast is up to you. It’s a great way to promote your brand and direct them to your recent posts.

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