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Best way to create a new bond on Instagram Introducing the Questions Sticker

Today we’re gonna tell you an interactive questions sticker on Instagram Stories’ updated new exciting feature that lets your friends write the questions for you to answer. It’s a new fun and exciting way to start conversations with your near or dares so you can get to know each other better.

What you have to do: Add a question sticker to your Instagram story by choosing it from the sticker tab after taking a photo or video. Type out your text then place it wherever you’d like and share it with your Instagram story. When your followers or viewers see the sticker, they can tap it to reply and they can reply many times as much, right from the question sticker.

You can get your friends’ responses in your Instagram story’s viewers list. Click any question they have asked to post a new story where you can reply or answer it on a question sticker, and the question you are answering will be visible on your Instagram story for context. By that, you’re able to see your viewer and your friends who submitted each and single reply in your friend’s list where it’s private, when you share that response in your story, your follower’s image, and username will not be shown.

As well as the polling sticker and emoji slider, the questions sticker gives you an easy way to get closer with all of your friends on Instagram. The question sticker is available as part of the Instagram new version of Android & iOS

How will you get more engagement on your Instagram story question sticker

There are some easy steps you have to follow-

  • Find the Questions sticker according to your Story and add it.
  • Compose your question – Automatically text “Ask me a question” but you can change it into less than 50 characters. Once you post it your viewers will start to respond to it unless your story will not be removed. 
  • Be active & look at responses – By sliding up on your insta story itself, the same way you would see a list of who has viewed your story. The responses will appear. 

Easy steps to using question sticker 

Adding the question to the story is easy but you need to create a plan and useful strategy to add to the story.

Don’t overdo it

Don’t give your viewers new feature fatigue! Use Questions sparingly and deliberately. It’s more important to use it the correct way than to use it a lot.

Make it a particular and unique count.

Most probably as an Instagrammer, you put a lot of effort into the content strategy behind your posts and inta Stories but make sure the content should fit with your brand voice and style, and gel with your business aims. 

Quick answer to your viewers

This is very obvious, but if you’re asking your followers to respond to your questions, you should be ever ready to answer them as quickly as you can. Your followers expect that from you, so don’t let them disappoint.

How brands use the “Ask a Question” sticker

Most probably brands use simple and versatile “Ask a Question” stickers. Here are a few straps brands use to create impact.

Product Question

If you are selling your products on Instagram and you consistently post your products on your Instagram story and add “Ask a Question” stickers then you have to answer your viewers who are viewing your products on your story and asking them questions about products. 

Connect with followers

I am sure your post is not going to be about sales or conversation. Some posts will be about building connections and community matters too.

Host an Instagram and run Q&A

The important part is to go live and assist the viewers about products who are watching you on live and try to answer their questions. Also, you can ask your viewers to ask the question so that you can answer the question. 

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