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With the increasing need for convenience, eCommerce has gained popularity. Social media marketing is, thus, increasing the potential of the online markets day by day. In this situation, the brands who have expanded their stores across countries, states, cities or counties need better options. Localised social media marketing becomes a confusing choice. However, in this article, we will answer the common queries and provide you with some social media marketing strategy.


Do you really need separate social media channels for different locations?

Starting with the question of whether you need localised social media marketing or not?

Well, the answer to this question is simple. 

First, the tastes and preferences of one location differ from the other. Therefore, some products and market upheavals can not be witnessed in a multi-located brand.

With a social media marketing strategy, you can easily understand the different locations. Also, it will help you to understand the factors affecting your business at those locations.

Second, it may happen that your brand at one location might not work as good as it does on others. This is why localised social media marketing keeps the rating separate.

Also, you will know the weak points which need to be corrected. Social media as a marketing strategy works wonders if the planning is right.


Which industries can find social media marketing useful?

Another important question that needs to be answered before making a social media marketing strategy is this. It is significant to know whether it is going to help your brand the way you want or not.

Below we have mentioned some of the industries which become trending because of social media marketing:

  • Retail stores and their chains
  • Entertainment or adventure zones
  • Food & Beverage outlets
  • Personal services like salons, boutiques, etc.
  • Banks and insurance company branches
  • The vehicle, mobile or electronic gadgets brand centres


How to boost your social media marketing for different locations?

  • Focus on the brand as a whole first

The first thing you need to keep in mind to make the social media strategy successful is your brand. Make sure you are not overruling the brand’s objectives.

The different outlets came later and thus, keep them at second position always. It is important that the local teams work in harmony to serve the brand as a whole.

Social media marketing for multi-location brands should be focused on one common goal point. This is how you can grow both your local approach as well as a global approach.


  • Set regional teams

No matter what, always have set regional teams. For effective social media marketing, it is important to keep the work assigned. 

Remember to assign team leaders, who are well aware of the local business. Social media as a marketing strategy becomes more fruitful when it is understood deeply.

Keep the teams connected and timely check on the growth and development. Also, make necessary improvements in social media marketing in accordance with the results.


  • Keep brand value the centre

When it comes to deciding goals, keep them close to the centre. In other words, the localised social media marketing should not be against the global social media strategy.

Build your local schemes around the roots of your brand. This is how your social media marketing will look authentic and provide you with potential customers. 

The results from different locations might differ, but keep the values intact. This is a social media strategy that will provide you with better outcomes for your brand as a whole and won’t harm your overall brand progress.


  • Choose the social media channels

To get started with your social media marketing strategy, it is important to decide the platform. With growing social media promotions, different platforms are being used to grow your brand.

Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. all provide you with a lead audience. However, the algorithms of social media marketing are different.

Sometimes, you might not find your desired targets on one platform as well. That is why you need to decide the channel for your social media marketing strategy to work.


  • Design customized designs for different locations

Different locations require different campaigns and plannings for social media as a marketing strategy. As already stated above, the preferences of audiences from different locations differ from each other. 

Thus, it is important to run customized campaigns for different local social media channels. In this way, social media marketing will provide you with accurate results and knowledge.


All-in-all, a social media marketing strategy is a vital step that needs to be taken. For both one location company/brand or multi-location company/brand. 

Social media marketing keeps you updated. A brand can be preferred differently at different locations. You can understand your customer behaviour locally and make your growth accordingly.

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