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Instagram decided to expand its features on its desktop site.

Yes, you read it right. With the rapidly growing popularity of this app, Instagram expands desktop features to make sure that the users can take advantage of all its advanced features on the desktop as well.

The users can have mobile features on the desktop site too, which makes it easier for laptop persons. However, Instagram expands desktop and mobile features to benefit the marketeers on this app.

For marketers, marketing on Instagram has become much more efficient through laptops and computers. The marketing teams can manage their accounts via desktop and still make use of useful features like live video.

Well, we know that Instagram expanded desktop and mobile features. Now, let’s see what those expansions are and how they are going to help.


  • Instagram has introduced Direct Messages to Desktop

Through Twitter as the medium, Instagram announced that the desktop site will have direct messages now. This happens after Instagram expands desktop features. People from around the world can use this feature on desktop sites.

This is a big step for marketing on Instagram as well. As it was realized that the access to direct messages on desktop site was long-awaited. Mainly, for the businesses and creators. They can easily reply to the queries made through texts without switching from desktop to mobile.


  • Live Videos can also be streamed directly to Desktop 

A lot of celebrities, businesses, influencers, and users go on live videos to interact with their audience. This helps them to understand their viewers. With the Instagram expansion of desktop features, users can also stream live video on the desktop.

This provides a better and comparatively comfortable experience to both the users and the profile owners. Unlike life on mobile, the comments on the desktop version live to have a separate column. It appears on the right side so that life doesn’t get overlaid by the comments. It helps in doing appealing marketing on Instagram as well.


  • Gift Card, Online Ordering and Fundraising add-ons to help Small Businesses

Due to the ongoing shutdown, Instagram expands desktop features to help small businesses. The new features and tools will help while gift card purchasing, online ordering, and doing fundraising events on Instagram.

The Fundraisers will soon be available and will open on Facebook as a personal fundraising setup. This will make marketing on Instagram much smoother as the business supporters can actively participate. This feature will appear in the U.S. and Canada first and then all around the world.


  • Food photos from Restaurants will be shoppable

To make this possible, Instagram has partnered with ChowNow, an ordering platform. This way Instagram expands desktop and mobile features by adding stickers to these photos.

The users have to click these shoppable stickers and they will be led to a page. They will either find the pre-filled forms with the meal depicted or a page on the restaurant’s website. The customers will also be able to reshare the stickers on their profiles.

Due to this, marketing on Instagram will become faster and widely spread awareness about the products. Also, these stickers can be used to get gift cards for restaurant purchases.


  • The Creators and Influencers are kept in mind

With the hope of maximizing the use of Instagram features, Instagram expanded desktop and mobile features. The creators can post longer videos now, as IGTV’s algorithms have been modified. The popular creator will appear on the top and the users will get a feed-like experience.

For marketing on Instagram, the app has decided to monetize IGTV videos with ads. The experiments are going on to make this happen. Also, other experiments like sharing the life on IGTV as soon as it ends have been started too.


Benefits to the Business Profiles:

  • The big brands and companies can manage multiple social media through the desktop. It will make marketing by Instagram an efficient task.
  • The company can keep tabs on their employees’ work. This way the team will put more and serious effort into their task.
  • The direct messages facility can allow the marketing on Instagram much more interactive. The employees can easily answer the queries left by the customers or followers.
  • It will become much easier to take follow-ups on living. It can also be managed in a better way.
  • Small businesses especially can bloom through this new marketing on Instagram features. With added gift cards and amazing fundraising tools, they can grow faster. 
  • Not just products, but food has also become shoppable through Instagram. This will help many food & beverage sellers to do marketing through Instagram.

This is not all you can also check Instagram Growth Hacks to improve your marketing on Instagram. It will help you to understand the tricks to grow your audience on Instagram.


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