How do I make my Instagram posts attractive

It is the most common question nowadays because the craze of social media and especially Instagram is on the high. Therefore, everyone wants to look perfect in their images or videos or you can say they want to look perfect in their Instagram post. And Instagram is such a kind of social media platform where everyone busy showing their extraordinary lifestyle or work.

Well, this is not a lot better at all scenarios. But if you have a business that needs promotion on different social media platforms and if you choose Instagram then this is worth it for you. A good-looking or compiling image or video can affect your business revenue thoroughly. 

So in this article, we provide some tips that can help you to make generic images or content to post on Instagram.

As well as your Instagram post will look attractive after using these tips and tricks. So let’s dig into it.

Have a clear eye on trends:

Regardless of which profession you are from, either, you are a fashion blogger or a digital service provider. Wherever you belong, you need to find what types of content your competitors are posting on a daily basis. Because this will give you some ideas about what types of content you should generate so that your Instagram post looks attractive. 

If you do completely different or look like out of the current trend, regardless of the effects you use in your post, you would not grab the attention of your audience. So try to do something creative within the existing trends. 

For that, you can go to the explorer bar of the Instagram feature and search for your Hashtag and it will give all possible results. Then get some idea from them thereafter make a compelling images post or video post.

I can guarantee you that your post would be the best in your industry.

Use Canva or some other post editors: 

Once you make a post after taking all the ideas from other’s posts then the next things come into place. You need an image editor or video editor whatever types of content you use for your Instagram post. And a post editor will help you to make your Instagram post more attractive. And a clear attraction of something creates more engagements. Once you see something attractive on social media you automatically try to engage with that. 

So an attractive image will help you as well to gather more engagement and viral your post on some particular hashtags. And for making a compiling image you can use Canva. is a website, basically, it is a post editor site where you can edit your post. Here in this tool, you will get all the important features that will you create super attractive posts. And most important part, this tool is completely free unless you some high effects feature.

But it is much better than other paid tools. If you want to edit your image or video on your mobile phone then there are several apps available in the google play store you can choose one of them. Just go to your Google Play app and search for the best image or video editor app and then download whatever you like in the top 5 list. 

Use an attractive copy for your post: 

The role of an attractive copy or caption for the Instagram post could not be neglected anyhow. Because once someone your follower or visitor sees your post, first he/she sees your image, and after that he/she has a short eye on your caption. And once they find something new in your post they definitely engage with your post and as well as visit your profile and follow you. You can use your business offer or providing some important information in your caption.

A well-attracting copy will help you to make your Instagram post complete. As well as people get a notice about your work if they see your post and your business can help them further they will surely connect to you. 

Now the question is how can we write a good enough copy for our Instagram post when we have not any good skills writing. Then the solution is to find your customer’s problems and try to give a solution through your copy. 

If you are an entrepreneur then you need to follow someone bigger than your company. And examine their Instagram post’s comment. 

See what types of problems their customers are mentioning in the comment box. After examining some comments and find the solution you can use it in your copy. You can use a problem-solving copy altogether. 


So these two or three tips are the most effective tips you can follow. And these are enough if you want more Instagram engagement. Using too many methods can distract you from the main point. And your main point should be the branding of your product. Regardless of what types of products or services you are selling on Instagram you need to aware of what types of trends exist in the current market and how could you create some innovation into that. 

And these tips are targeting all your customers’ needs. Go that with and see the results after execution. 

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