Instagram Growth Hacks

With the fast-growing social media trends, Instagram growth hacks have also become important. A lot of brands, enterprises, and influencers are making use of techniques to gain organic traffic. 

Have you wondered how some companies gained faster acknowledgment? The answer to this is Instagram hacks for organic growth.

These Instagram growth hacks are becoming stronger because of the platform’s popularity. A lot of brands are using it in order to have reliable and long-lasting results.

Growth hacking on Instagram is like the tip to grow a business faster. With these hacks, you can gain organic interaction on your profile. You can gain brand popularity and elevate your online presence.

Although, there are many growth hacks for Instagram, some of them are stronger. This Instagram growth hacks 2021 provides faster results and is used by many renowned companies.

Follow the below-mentioned points carefully and see the results for yourself:


  • Upload Videos


The first point of Instagram hacks for organic growth is uploading videos. You need to understand that when it comes to posts, videos are more engaging. The pictures might be really good, but the videos will get you interaction.

For proper growth hacking on Instagram, post informative videos. The viewers must find them knowledgeable in order to put their faith in your profile. Plan your uploads carefully and determine the photo video ratio. 

The Instagram growth hacks 2021 work wonderfully when managed suitably. Set a time routine for your posts. Upload your photos and videos accordingly to maximize your reach and views.


  • Use suitable hashtags


Hashtags are a really important part of Instagram growth hacks. Using popular, mostly used hashtags will help you to target a specific audience. You can also search for audiences having similar interests.

Profiles having similar interests are more likely to engage with your profile. As a part of growth hacks for Instagram, this step is useful in bringing traffic as well. 

Experiment with hashtags and see which hashtags are getting more interaction. An important growth hack on Instagram is to understand both hashtags and location tags. Sometimes, when your hashtag fails, your location tag gets you featured.

Remember, hashtags on Instagram work similar to keywords on google. It is one of the top Instagram growth hacks as it increases the like to follow ratio.


  • Collaborate with niche influencers


Another of the Instagram growth hacks 2021 is collaborating with the influencers. Remember, here we are talking about the niche influencers. Influencers having 10k to 100k followers fall into this category.

Why is this a good growth hack for Instagram?

Because these influencers have a good engagement rate with their followers.

Also, for this Instagram growth hack, it is important to collaborate with a suitable influencer. Make sure the influencer’s profile fulfills your brand or product requirements. A fitness influencer can talk about healthy nutrition and exercise equipment. However, fashion-related products will be better promoted by lifestyle influencers.


  • Put shoppable posts


Many online market brands have started putting shoppable posts. It is one of the best techniques for growth hacking on Instagram.


Because these posts are interactive.

It is one of the e-commerce activities which links social media with web pages. It increases website engagement and gathers traffic. This Instagram growth hack allows the audience to find the required product easily. 

For the brands, they get another platform to reach the target audience. Through ad campaigns and retargeting, this growth hack for Instagram becomes more useful.


  • Make relatable/realistic posts


It is important to upload relatable posts to have long-lasting effects. It is an important part of Instagram growth hacks 2021. First, you need to understand sustaining traffic is as significant as gaining traffic. 

Posts, having high viewership, are mostly posts like tips and moves. Thus, it is a growth hack for Instagram to put posts that never lose their credibility. They remain useful for all and forever.

Make these posts lifestyle-specific, it is an effective Instagram hack for the organic growth of your account. You can build your profile accordingly and attract a potential audience.


  • Put important stories in highlights


The last and prominent part of Instagram growth hacks is using the story highlights. With features like these, Instagram provides ample ways to improve your reach. These story highlights appear on the top and thus, are easy to view.

Also, provide specific titles to these titles for proper growth hacking on Instagram. This is how only an interested audience will view your stories and you can get reliable viewers.

Moreover, to maximize this Instagram growth hack 2021, use these highlights as bio. The Instagram bio provides word a limit, but with these highlights, you can extend it as much as you want.

By using these growth hacks for Instagram, you can surely reach the top. These hacks will help you to get organic traffic. You will get not just quantity but also quality in your audience.


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