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Social media channels are mostly about engagement and driving traffic. So, if you want some Instagram marketing tips to boost traffic, this is the right place. 

In this article, we are going to tell you the best 12 tips on Instagram marketing. These tips are simple and can easily be accessed by you. You just have to be patient and consistent to get the results.

Below are the Instagram marketing tricks to get your brand on board:


  • Post Regularly

The first and foremost Instagram marketing tip is to stay consistent with your uploads. Post regularly to show your sincerity towards your work. Only when you are serious about your work, your audience can put their faith in your brand. Faith is important in establishing an authentic brand and thus, this tip is given on number 1.


  • Use Instagram Stories

Stories are one of the most important tools on Instagram and thus, make use of it. This Instagram marketing trick will keep you on top of your audience’s feed. Make sure you are posting view worthy stories. The stories will drive the viewers to your posts. This is how the stories trigger your traffic and keep triggering until the interested lead reaches your website.


  • Make your feed look visually consistent

Plan a pattern of your uploads. This Instagram marketing tip works wonderfully. Visually attractive accounts tend to get more viewers. Your pattern will also show how managed your brand is, which is important for gaining more traffic. The organized posts will also make it easier for the viewers to look for specific items as well.


  • Know your hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role on Instagram. Thus, this point stands at number 4 of our list of Instagram marketing tips. So, know which of the hashtags get you maximum views. Also, use the trending hashtags related to your brand. It will keep your posts trending and on the top too. 


  • Develop your own hashtag

It is important to have a recognition of your own. As with other marketing tips on Instagram, this trick is also worth noticing. Create your own hashtag and use it consistently on your posts. Ask your customers(gently) to use that hashtag too. This will help you to develop your own hashtag and expand your reach.


  • Use subtitles and closed captions for videos

This is also one of the tips on Instagram marketing for the contents of your video. According to research, 40% of viewers watch videos with their sound-off. Thus, it is important to make your message read by them. Put subtitles in your video so that the message given by you will reach the audience.


  • Drive traffic on your website via Instagram

To bring this Instagram marketing trick to work, put shoppable posts. Link your products with your website pages. This will help in driving your Instagram leads to your website. A lot of people on social media do not want to indulge in double work. So, if customers want it easy, make it easy. 


  • Give SEO a chance on Instagram

Though SEO is not a part of Instagram, it can surely help you. SEO is one of the best Instagram marketing tips for the ones who are ready to explore further. Make your posts reach as far as they can to drive leads. The reach of your brand will help you generate high reliability. Your brand will look authentic.


  • Collaborate with influencers

Micro-influencers with high engagement rates provide your profile with followers. As a powerful marketing tip on Instagram, collaborate with these niche influencers. They generally have 10k to 100k followers and are good for running promotions. These ad promotions will drive interested leads to your Instagram profile and website.


  • Try Instagram contests

Instagram contests and voucher giveaways are trending nowadays. Thus, it is another tip on Instagram marketing. Use these contests to lure interested audiences to your profile. These contests can also be used to expand your reach, so take advantage of that too.


  • Make Story Posts

Instagram stories are not about preaching. So, instead of doing that tell stories, share reviews and make the posts personal. Yes, the personalization of a post builds trust and thus, this is our other Instagram marketing trick. Use it to see effective results yourself.


  • Add links in bio and stories

As one of the pro-Instagram marketing tips, we have already told you that customers want it easy. In order to drive traffic on your website, use links. Put it in your bio and stories, where people can easily find it. This way you will be able to perfect your marketing through your Instagram profile.

With these 12 tips on Instagram marketing, you can easily get a high engagement rate on your profile. All of it without using any inorganic method. Also, learn about the 6 Instagram Growth Hacks That You Should Try for your Instagram profile.


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