The question is the most popular social media sites in brazil

So! let’s start It depends on users in Brazil which source you select.  As per the World Internet Stats, there are nearly 79 Million internet users in Brazil which represent 39% of the population. estimated internet is reached around 52 million locations. In any case, there are a lot of people online in Brazil and a huge majority of these people are active on online popular social media sites in brazil.

Thus Facebook & Instagram is the leading popular social media sites in Brazil with over 70% of internet users with an account. In fact, Brazil is Facebook and Instagram’s second-biggest market in brazil.

Go through the popular social media sites in Brazil -Because Social media is the only way to popular with the upper economic classes in urban areas as they migrated to keep in touch with their foreign friends, virally before expanding.

Similar to what Instagram & Facebook is today. The Growth is getting continue, aided by “The Social Network” film, press material of the Facebook IPO, and most recently the acquisition of Instagram with a Brazilian co-founder.

between Facebook and Orkut is growing.  However online marketing is hard on Orkut since there is no “fan page” concept.  I expect Orkut to be dead within 2-3 years. With MSN still a very popular IM, Windows Live Profile still gets a lot of visitors.  However, MSN is also losing ground to Facebook.

Thus Nowadays Brazilian people are taking benefits to social media sites and rapidly making themselves famous because there are lots of options like you can buy Brazilian Instagram likes or you can buy Brazilian Instagram followers. By doing that you can boost your popularity as well as your business. Most of the people in Brazil purchasing these services from trusted social media sites in brazil.  

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