Instagram bio for business

You have listed that so many times that the first impression is the last impression. And most cases it fits perfectly. And if we consider this philosophy with a business perspective then a compiling Instagram bio helps businesses to attract their potential customers. Because once someone visits your profile by seeing you somewhere in his Instagram feed, the first reaction of that person is to examine your Instagram bio

At that time you have an opportunity to help him by giving all the relevant information about your business or yourself. 

Now you know that there are some limitations while writing your bio text. You can not expand too much your bio. So the challenge is to maintain the word limit as well as use your creativity while creating your Instagram bio. 

For overcoming this challenge we have some tips that you can keep on your mind since you write your Instagram bio.

Initiate with your business USP: 

Here is the first step, you can explain your business’ unique selling point. What types of services and products you are offering your audience, as well as try to differentiate your services from others. Explain to your customers why you are the best from the rest of all, and using your unique selling point in your Instagram bio you can convince your customer at the initial level.  

It gives you a psychological benefit, I mean once someone finds you are doing some different in a particular industry they will automatically attract toward your business and become your customer.

So now every business knows its USP and in case you do not know then you can ask your regular customer why they are purchasing your product or services, they will explain to you. 

Use appropriate hashtags: 

Now once you add some words in your bio where you tell about a unique selling point, then the next move is hashtags. Hashtags are the most common and useful tools specifically on Instagram. It helps you to make an impressive copy of your caption and bio. And as well as appropriate hashtags provide you some algorithmic benefits.

You can easily reach your targeted audience just by using some hashtags according to your niche. But while using your hashtags you need to be aware of some points. You can not use more hashtags in your Instagram bio so choose your niche-related popular hashtags. So that your customer will get a clear idea from your Instagram bio.

Use 5 or 6 hashtags that show your business nature clearly.

Use some selling words:

When you write an Instagram bio especially for your business, the whole purpose of that is to increase the selling.

And on your Instagram bio, you use all the marketing elements to attract more customers. But here we want to suggest you that add some call-to-action words as well. These words should be only for selling perspectives.

Where your keywords would create some craving to buy your product. In most cases it would not help you but in some cases, it works. So add some call-to-action words and redirect your customers to your final goal.

Use some special links:

Then the final part is for your website link. Where you can paste some special link or your business’ website homepage link. You can change that link on a daily basis it depends on you. But one thing you need to do is reduce your link’s length. And for that, you can use some websites such as Bitly or others. 

A short link helps your bio to be more attractive and it will not take too much space as well.

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