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Why maintain a top page rank is not easy? Why do you always try new things to get better results from search results? The reason is simple, Google algorithms are updated on a regular basis. Then, how can you understand the system of Google algorithms? Well, it is easy to figure out how the whole phenomenon works. With the help of this article, we will try to explain how you can get a better rank for your website. And how Google’s algorithms play a crucial role in it. 

Google Algorithms Based Upon Our Past Knowledge

For instance, Google reveals all its secrets or first-page rank factors. Then, the next day, everyone will follow the path or pattern that has been suggested by Google itself, right. And that is exactly what we are following. Based on any website or even Google’s recommendation, we assume that we have known everything about Google algorithms, and now we are ready to get the first-page rank.  

But this is not the case at all. Google will never reveal its ranking factor. We have to make some correct guesses. And this could happen to practices and experiments. So from now on, you have to set aside your previous and think again from the new end.  

Some Common As Well As Genuine Page Rank Factors

Now here we are going to share some proven methods that affect page rank. 

Page Speed: 

Your website’s page loading speed is the main factor in ranking. If a user has to wait for loading your web page. Then, these activities are a bad sign of ranking, and it will affect your page rank. 

Content Relevance:

If you want proper indexing for your website, then you have to deliver only relevant content on a website. You cannot mess with irrelevant content. 

Easy To Navigate Website:

Do not irritate a user while browsing your website. A user should get things easily, whatever he or she wants. Thus, make an easy-to-navigate website with plenty of white space. 

Backlink Quality:

Although, Google never puts more focus on link building. Still, it is a proven technique to rank a website. So, make sure the relevance and quality of your backlinks, because it will affect your website a lot. 

Mobile Friendliness:

It is just a common recall because everyone knows the importance of a mobile-friendly website. More and more users are using mobile phones for browsing, so make sure the mobile-friendly version of your website. 

SSL Certificate:

for security purposes, as well as for trustworthiness, an SSL certificate is in high demand. Google always considers HTTPS as a trustworthy website as compared to the HTTP version of the website. So ask for SSL certification from a hosting provider. 

How Can You Get Updated By Google Latest Update?

Well, you do not have to read all the news of Google’s daily updates. And that will not help you anymore. Instead, you can follow Google SearchLiaison on Twitter. With all this, you can subscribe to Google’s notification or Google Alerts so that you can get notified. 

Mostly you will never find any update for a long time. So whatever strategy you are using right now, stick with it if you are getting better results. 


So, this was a brief introduction to Google algorithms. And how you can run your website accordingly.  Although you might aware of several other algorithms as well, there is no guarantee if they are working or not. You should focus on your content and build a better user experience. Only then, you can get a first-page rank on the Google search engine results page.  

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